Pub chains and pubs are part of today’s party and fun culture. For revellers, they are awesome places for loosening up a bit, having a jig, socializing and making friends. But there is a whole lot more to do and achieve inside pubs. Here is some of them.

Booze Mixing and Manufacturing

Going down to the pub for some booze is one thing. However, going there to make your own booze is entirely a different feeling. Pub chains and pubs are allowing their customers to operate mini-manufacturing machines to produce their own blend of drinks. Clients, mostly in groups of friends, are finding the experience pleasurable. The pubs provide not just the space but the ingredients and guidance.

Wine Tasting

Pub chains and pubs offer different varieties of drinks. They include wines, beers, spirits, gin and whiskeys. To sample the great tastes of these drinks, where else but your beloved pub? Here you will find local drinks and those from the distant shores enriching your taste experience.

Gambling for Punters

Pubs are great places for placing wagers. For betting enthusiasts, meeting at the pub means an extra opportunity to place a bet on their favourite games and sports. The teams could be virtual or actual competition such as football, horse-racing and the moto GP. Inside pubs, betting feel a whole load of fun due to the live winnings, the tears and the celebrations. It is a real roller-coaster. Add booze in the mix and what you have is absolute pandemonium.

Enjoy Live Games

Sports enthusiasts have a difficult time watching their favourite live games from home. Besides the endless battle for the television remote with the missus, home watching is dull and boring. Next stop? The local pub. From football to rugby and cricket, pubs are outstanding spots for enjoying live sports and witty commentaries. Moreover, the opportunity to exchange banter with rivals is always fun and adds an extra touch to the pub experience.